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Smart Boxing Gloves 2.0

€ 260.00

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Still in doubt?

With what force, speed or cadence do you hit?

How many hits did you make?

But how many crosses, uppercuts or direct shots did you hit in a training session?

From this moment we have a solution to your problem.

It's time to get to know the new Intelligent Boxing Gloves version 2.0!

The story begins in 2019... with a dream.

That of revolutionizing the way we train.

To improve performance and break the monotony of regular training.

To bring the future closer to sports practitioners, amateurs or professionals.

The purpose of these gloves is to combine Sport with Technological Innovation and Fun.

630 days later and many challenges passed, we reached the final version.

The first Intelligent Boxing Gloves in the world, which measure your Speed, Strength, Cadence, Number of hits and Type of hits.

We named them: Smart Boxing Gloves.

The whole set is composed of Boxing Gloves, Sensors for each glove and the Mobile Application.

1.About gloves:

Made of premium leather, memory foam, antimicrobial lining.

The fit on the hand is perfect, ensured by the ergonomic shape of the foam, just like your hands.

In some places we used perforated leather to reduce the temperature inside the glove, ensuring optimal ventilation for your hands.

2. About Sensors:

The two Sensors, one for each glove, communicate with the Application via Bluetooth, transmitting data in real time about speed, force, cadence and the number of hits you make.

Each Sensor has an On/Off button, easy to use.

Red/Black sensor for the Left glove.

The Yellow/Black sensor for the Right Glove.

Packaged in durable plastic, the sensors weigh only 6 grams each and are resistant to water and multiple shocks.

The operating temperature is between -15 and 50 degrees Celsius.

The sensors come with a plastic storage box, which is also a charger.

Attached you will also receive the USB charging cable.

Once charged, the sensors can be used for 6 hours without interruption.

3. About the Application:

The application is intuitive and very easy to use.

You can download it from Google Play or the App Store, or more simply, you can scan the code you receive in the Gloves Instructions.

It works on any Smartphone, regardless of whether it has iOS or Android technology.

Once downloaded, you can configure your own profile with height, weight and age.

The sensors are connected to the Application very easily via Bluetooth.

You can choose between "Quick Start" or "Round Mode", in which you can set your own training, with the number of rounds, time and break time.

All data is recorded and stored in the application's memory, so that YOU can understand yourself better, correct yourself and improve from one training to another.

What you get:

  • Premium 2.0 quality gloves
  • sensors
  • Charging/storage box
  • Application download link
  • Instructions for use
  • Storage case for Gloves

Whether you are performing, or training for yourself, these gloves will help you!

These gloves are for you if:

You practice performance contact sports and want to monitor and improve your performance

You are a coach and you want to know the performance of your students and help them become better

You practice contact sports just for yourself and you want to improve your physical performance

You are an amateur and you like to have fun while training

You train with a punching bag at home and you want to break the monotony using a technological innovation that keeps your time, monitors and corrects you.

Choose to train #SMART!

Size Guide

The tables are for guidance only. If you have any questions give us a call at +40722408286

If the ordered product does not fit, you can refund it or exchange it in 30 days

4OZ 15 - 30 kg 7cm - 11.5 cm
6OZ 30 - 45 kg 11.5cm - 13 cm
8OZ 45 - 56 kg 13cm - 16.5 cm
10OZ 56 - 68 kg 16.5cm - 19 cm
12OZ 68 - 74 kg 19cm - 21.5 cm
14OZ 74 - 82 kg 21.5cm - 24 cm
16OZ 82 - 200 kg 24cm - 30 cm

XS 20 - 22 cm
S/M 22 - 24 cm
L/XL 24 - 26 cm
XXL 26 - 37 cm

XXS 29.5cm 147 - 157 cm
XS 32 cm 157 - 163 cm
S 35 cm 163 - 169 cm
M 36.5 cm 169 - 172 cm
L 38 cm 172 - 176 cm
XL 40 cm 176 - 201 cm

S 52 - 54 cm
M 54 - 56 cm
L 56 - 60 cm
XL 60 - 63 cm

S 70 - 89 cm
M 90 - 101 cm
L 102 - 111 cm
XL 112 - 121 cm
XXL 121 - 139 cm

XS 76 - 84 cm
S 84 - 88 cm
M 88 - 92 cm
L 92 - 96 cm
XL 100 - 104 cm
XXL 104 - 118 cm
Return Policy
The ordered products can be returned or exchanged, no matter the reason, within 30 days after arrival at your location. For hygiene reasons, we cannot offer returns for Mouthguards, Groinguards or Masks. The easiest way to ask for a return is by filling the return form in your account, but you can also give us a call at +40735652639 or write an email to office@knockout-fightgear.com. After the product gets back to us, you will get a full product price refund via your payment options within 10 business days.For exchanges, you will have to cover the delivery tax.
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30 Days 100% money-back guaranteed - no questions asked. 

Delivered at your door in 24-48h all over Europe via DHL Express. 

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Smart Boxing Gloves 2.0

Smart Boxing Gloves 2.0

€ 260.00