Our Story


KNOCKOUT: that state of a boxer, who, following a legal blow, cannot rise from the floor for more than ten seconds. Victory is thus obtained by Knockout.

What does Fighter mean?

It is that brave and determined person who engages in battle, be it physical, mental or emotional, and continues his struggle to achieve his goals regardless of the challenges.

The story behind the Knockout brand:

My name is Paul and I am the founder of Knockout Fightgear Store.

Let me tell you how it all started.

It was a frosty winter evening in 2007, and I was going to my Kickboxing training.

We trained in a small gym of a high school in Timisoara, where it was colder than outside.

Huddled in the small hall, we could see steam coming out of us like locomotives.

I remember even now that we played "with a partner in the sack" and we had to exchange gloves between us after each inning.

When one was holding the bag, the other was hitting the series.

Then the idea clicked!

"I will create my own line of equipment, with which we can train harder and become better."

I've always been looking for new equipment or improvising all kinds of shields, handguns, sandbags, gloves with weights (in which I put recycled lead from a vulcanization).

It is certain that at that time there was not much innovative equipment on the Romanian market... in fact there were not many options.

So, a few months later, after many sleepless nights full of excitement, I would hold in my hands the first boxing gloves "with the Knockout logo written on them".

The "headquarters", if I can call it that, was in my parents' garage.

It was a small space that housed an office, a warehouse and a room for testing equipment.

In 2008, the Knockout brand was officially born, being registered at OSIM.

From then until now, there has been a whole process of innovation, growth and learning, with many defeats but also with many victories.

About the founder:

Goicov Paul Mario is my name and I have been practicing contact sports since I was 6 years old.

I practiced performance kickboxing, but I liked to learn from everything.

From Karate, to Taekwondo, to Kickboxing, to Boxing, to Free Fights, to Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga.

Each discipline has its own charm and I got sick of everything, so that not a day goes by without me training.

I believe in Martial Arts and I believe in a healthy lifestyle, practicing them.

And my mission on this Earth is to create equipment that helps people and motivates them to lead a healthy life, practicing Sports.

I love to do sports and I love to create innovative equipment.

I have immense respect for people who do contact sports and push their limits every day...in the ring, in the gym or in everyday life.

About the Knockout Store Team:

We are an Online Store that sells sports equipment for people who practice combat sports.

We offer a varied range of Equipment and Clothing for: Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Kempo, Jiu Jitsu, Wushu, Freestyle Wrestling and Greco-Roman.

Our range of Equipment and Clothing is suitable for both Juniors and Seniors, whether they practice sports for performance or just for pleasure.

Our offer includes equipment for Trainers and Martial Arts Halls, but also for Home Training.

We also have a physical store in Timisoara, at the Knockout Store headquarters.

The team is made up of people who practice sports every day, professionally or as amateurs.

What binds us? Passion for Sports and equipment.

We are excited when it comes to sports equipment.

We have a lot to accomplish for the fighters from Romania and beyond.

We enjoy your support, the Romanian fighters (amateur or professional) and this motivates us to move forward, step by step...round by round.

Objectives and achievements:

2007: Birth of the Idea - Inspired by the need for better equipment during Kickboxing training.

2008: Establishment of the Knockout Store - The Knockout brand is officially registered with OSIM.

2018: Knockout Store turns 10 years old - and creates a limited edition of Boxing Gloves together with the 100th Anniversary of Romania.

2015-2023: Strategic Partnerships - Collaborations with Federations from Romania: F.R.B, F.R. KEMPO, F.R. WUSHU, F.R.A.M.C., F.R.L.

2019: Digital Innovation - Launch of the first 3D Online Customizer for Combat Gear.

2020: Pioneering Testing - Creation of the first boxing glove durability testing machine.

2021: Smart Technology - Launch of the first Smart Boxing Gloves, capable of measuring force, speed and other essential metrics.

2021: Global Expansion - Expansion of the Knockout Store to the European and American markets. The Knockout brand is registered at European level at EUIPO.

2022: Innovation in Design - Creation of the world's lightest boxing glove, with a World Guinness Book certificate pending.

2022: Innovative Technology: Expanding the range of #SMART Equipment: Smart Jump Rope, Smart Wall Cushion.

2022: Custom Services - Introduction of club kit and apparel customization service.

2023: TV appearance: the founder of Knockout Store appears in front of the Investors of the Imperiul Leiror show from Pro TV.

2023: International Partnership - Entering into a partnership with W.K.F USA, marking an important step in global recognition.

2023: Ecological Initiative - Launch of the "Rabla la Manuși de Boxing" Program, supporting the renewal of equipment and protecting the environment.

And the good things don't stop here, we will continue to improve, innovate and help as many fighters as possible everywhere.

Whether you want to become a world champion, or improve your physical shape, stay in shape, lose a few kilos, or gain confidence in yourself by learning self-defense, we will be with you through our equipment, punch by punch, half by half.

Our proposal to you:

Equipment for combat sports with a high degree of protection, durability and comfort, with a unique design, at affordable prices. With the possibility of being customized at the customer's request.

Our mission is to equip each person with a fighting spirit, so that they can overcome their physical and mental limits.

Our vision is that every person who chooses to practice contact sports deserves to train in high quality, innovative and customized equipment.

Our values:
1. Perseverance
2. Sports/Health
3. Innovation

"Knockout your limits every day!"
Goicov Paul Mario - Sportsman, CEO & Founder of Knockout Store.