Manusi Box Inteligente - SMART BOXING GLOVES |
Manusi Box Inteligente - SMART BOXING GLOVES |
Manusi Box Inteligente - SMART BOXING GLOVES |
Manusi Box Inteligente - SMART BOXING GLOVES |
Manusi Box Inteligente - SMART BOXING GLOVES |

Knockout Smart Boxing Gloves

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Size chart

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4OZ 15 - 30 kg 7cm - 11.5 cm
6OZ 30 - 45 kg 11.5cm - 13 cm
8OZ 45 - 56 kg 13cm - 16.5 cm
10OZ 56 - 68 kg 16.5cm - 19 cm
12OZ 68 - 74 kg 19cm - 21.5 cm
14OZ 74 - 82 kg 21.5cm - 24 cm
16OZ 82 - 200 kg 24cm - 30 cm

XS 20 - 22 cm
S/M 22Ā - 24 cm
L/XL 24 - 26 cm
XXL 26 - 37 cm

XXS 29.5cm 147 - 157 cm
XS 32 cm 157 - 163 cm
S 35 cm 163 - 169 cm
M 36.5 cm 169 - 172 cm
L 38 cm 172 - 176 cm
XL 40 cm 176 - 201 cm

S 52 - 54 cm
M 54 - 56 cm
L 56 - 60 cm
XL 60 - 63 cm

S 70 - 89 cm
M 90 - 101 cm
L 102 - 111 cm
XL 112 - 121 cm
XXL 121 - 139 cm

XS 76 - 84 cm
S 84 - 88 cm
M 88 - 92 cm
L 92 - 96 cm
XL 100 - 104 cm
XXL 104 - 118 cm

šŸ„Š Knockout Smart Boxing Gloves: Welcome to the era of advanced technology in boxing! The Knockout Smart Boxing Gloves transform your training into a unique experience, analyzing real-time speed, power, cadence, and punch count.

Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, these gloves are your secret tool for reaching new levels of success in the ring.

Key Advantages:

- Advanced Technology šŸ“Š
- Performance Analysis šŸ’”
- Superior Comfort šŸ¤—
- Durability šŸ’Ŗ
- Intelligent Design šŸŒŸ

Your Benefits:

- Enhanced Training: Built-in sensors measure your performance, providing essential data to optimize your training.
- Instant Feedback: Understand your fighting style and progress quickly by analyzing real-time data.
- Built for Durability: Handcrafted from natural leather, these gloves offer long-term durability and comfort.
- Ventilation and Hygiene: The Dry-Cool material and antimicrobial lining keep your hands dry and clean.
- Personalization: Set up your personalized profile in the app to monitor your unique progress.

Technical Details:

- Made from natural leather.
- High-density IMF foam for reduced injury risk.
- Long Velcro closure for perfect support.
- Dry-Cool material for ventilation.
- Antimicrobial lining for hygiene.
- Durable and waterproof sensors weighing just 6 grams.
- Includes a charging/storage box and a free carrying case.
- Each glove is equipped with a color-coded sensor: red/black for the left glove and yellow/black for the right glove.
- The Knockout Smart Gloves sensors are durable, shock-resistant, and waterproof, weighing just 6 grams. They operate in temperatures from -15Ā°C to +50Ā°C and offer up to 6 hours of continuous use.
- Set up your personalized profile with your height, weight, and age. Choose the 'Quick Start' mode for freestyle training or 'Round Mode' to optimize the number of rounds, duration, and rest periods.
šŸ„Š Recommended for sports like: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kempo, Wushu. šŸ’ŖšŸ½

šŸ‘ŒšŸ½ Ideal for: bag and pad training, partner technique, sparring (14-16 oz).

Unleash your true potential! Purchase the Knockout Smart Boxing Gloves now and turn every training session into an opportunity to surpass yourself!

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