Manusi Box Knockout Pro3 |
Manusi Box Knockout Pro3 |
Manusi Box Knockout Pro3 |
Manusi Box Knockout Pro3 |
Manusi Box Knockout Pro3 |
Manusi Box Knockout Pro3 |
Manusi Box Knockout Pro3 |
Manusi Box Knockout Pro3 |
Manusi Box Knockout Pro3 |
Manusi Box Knockout Pro3 |

Knockout Pro3 Boxing Gloves

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Size chart

The tables are for guidance only. If you have any questions give us a call at +40722408286

If the ordered product does not fit, you can refund it or exchange it in 30 days

4OZ 15 - 30 kg 7cm - 11.5 cm
6OZ 30 - 45 kg 11.5cm - 13 cm
8OZ 45 - 56 kg 13cm - 16.5 cm
10OZ 56 - 68 kg 16.5cm - 19 cm
12OZ 68 - 74 kg 19cm - 21.5 cm
14OZ 74 - 82 kg 21.5cm - 24 cm
16OZ 82 - 200 kg 24cm - 30 cm

XS 20 - 22 cm
S/M 22 - 24 cm
L/XL 24 - 26 cm
XXL 26 - 37 cm

XXS 29.5cm 147 - 157 cm
XS 32 cm 157 - 163 cm
S 35 cm 163 - 169 cm
M 36.5 cm 169 - 172 cm
L 38 cm 172 - 176 cm
XL 40 cm 176 - 201 cm

S 52 - 54 cm
M 54 - 56 cm
L 56 - 60 cm
XL 60 - 63 cm

S 70 - 89 cm
M 90 - 101 cm
L 102 - 111 cm
XL 112 - 121 cm
XXL 121 - 139 cm

XS 76 - 84 cm
S 84 - 88 cm
M 88 - 92 cm
L 92 - 96 cm
XL 100 - 104 cm
XXL 104 - 118 cm

The verdict is in: The Knockout Pro3 Boxing Gloves are the best gloves ever stocked by Knockout.

The founder of Knockout Store says it, the people in the company say it and more importantly...

Professional athletes like Bogdan Năstase or Alex Filip, Mirel Dragan, Gabi Bozan say it, and contact sports enthusiasts who have already used them say it.

They are the "coolest" gloves in the neighborhood, those Rising Star gloves that more and more people are turning to.

The gloves are from the Premium range, bearing the 3P emblem: Protection, Power, Performance.

They are handcrafted using only premium quality materials, starting with premium grade A cow leather, memory foam inside and nylon filament thread with which they are sewn.

They have an anatomical shape so that they fit perfectly on your hand, making the fist perfectly closed during the strike, protecting you from injuries.

They are the choice of professional athletes, but they can also be a good choice if you are just starting out and want a durable and comfortable glove.

Ideal for sparring, amateur competitions, bag training or palming.

They are not recommended for people who have very thick palms.

What you actually get:

  • Made from grade A cowhide to last you for a long time to come
  • Ergonomic gloves that stay fixed on the hand
  • High quality foam that protects the bones of the hand
  • Equipped with a long strap grip for perfect wrist support
  • Ventilation holes in the palm, which allow the hand to breathe
  • Antimicrobial treated inner lining for maximum hygiene
  • You get a gift and a textile cover for storage and ventilation

Recommendations for your Safety and Hygiene:

When choosing a pair of boxing gloves you need to keep the following things in mind:

- the right size,

- the fit on the hand and

- if the first two things are checked, you will be protected.

These are the most important details.

Make sure they sit firmly on the hand and the fist does not move inside.

Gloves range in size from 4 - 8 oz for children, and 10 - 16 oz for adults.

Before choosing your fight/training gear, we recommend measuring your weight, height and fist circumference.

Then refer to the Size Guide below. If you're still unsure, give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

After use, let the gloves air out and clean them periodically with a disinfectant solution.

We don't want to knock out the smell. 😅

We deliver all over Europe with DHL Express and DPD Courier.

Estimated delivery 1-4 WORKING DAYS

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