Kimono KEMPO Knockout Junior |
Kimono KEMPO Knockout Junior
Kimono KEMPO Knockout Junior
Kimono KEMPO Knockout Junior
Kimono KEMPO Knockout Junior
Kimono KEMPO Knockout Junior
Kimono KEMPO Knockout Junior
Kimono KEMPO Knockout Junior

Kempo Knockout Kids' Kimono

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 Product Description: Kempo Knockout Kids' Kimono - Embrace the Fighter Spirit from an Early Age 🥋

The Kempo Knockout Kids' Kimono is specifically designed to introduce children aged 4 to 14 to the fascinating world of the martial art of Kempo.

This high-quality gear, made from premium Pearl Wave cotton and carefully reinforced in key areas, promises to support each young fighter on their journey to mastery, offering comfort, durability, and unmistakable style on the tatami.

🌟 **Benefits:**

**Designed for Kids:** Specially tailored for children's sizes and needs, this kimono ensures maximum comfort and allows full mobility during training and competitions.

**Durable Material:** Made from pre-washed premium Pearl Wave cotton, the kimono retains its shape and quality even after repeated use.

**Enhanced Durability:** The 450-gram jacket, along with double-reinforced nylon thread stitching and EVA foam-padded collar, provides durability and protection during intense training.

**Performance-Optimized Pants:** Ripstop™ material and waist elastic ensure a perfect fit, while knee reinforcements protect against abrasions.

**Authentic and Customizable Design:** Embroidered logos add a distinctive touch, and the option to add a club emblem or the fighter's name turns the kimono into a personal and proud piece of gear.

✅ **Technical Features:**

**Pre-Washed Material:** Ensures the kimono maintains its shape and size over the long term.

**Strategic Reinforcements:** Protect in critical areas, increasing the kimono’s durability.

**Perfect Fit:** Waist elastic and EVA foam-padded drawstring keep the pants in the ideal position without restricting movement.

**Competition Accredited:** Meets the requirements of the Romanian Kempo Federation, making it ideal for training and competitions at all levels.

**High-Quality Embroidery:** Ensures an elegant look and long-lasting durability of details.

🚀 The Kempo Knockout Kids' Kimono is more than just training gear; it is a reliable companion that encourages the fighting spirit and dedication in every child.

By combining exceptional quality with a design tailored to juniors' needs, this kimono is the gateway to a victorious journey in the art of Kempo.

K00 100 cm 62 cm
K0 110 cm 64 cm
K2 112 cm 69 cm
K2 114 cm 73 cm
K3 122 cm 78 cm
K4 122 cm 82 cm

Tabelul este orientativ. Dacă ai neclarități în alegerea mărimii, contactează-ne la 0722408286

Dacă mărimea comandată nu este bună, o puteți schimba sau returna în termen de 30 de zile.

Care of Kimonos for Martial Arts (Jiu Jitsu, Kempo, Judo)

The Kimono, or Gi, is not only an essential piece of equipment in the practice of martial arts, but also a symbol of dedication and respect towards this discipline. Like any quality piece of equipment, it requires proper care to maintain its shape and quality over the long term. Here are some tips to keep your kimono in top condition:

*1. Wash After Each Session:*
- It is vital to wash the kimono after every workout. Sweat leaves behind salts and oils that can damage the fabric and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

*2. Water Temperature:*
- Wash the kimono at a low or moderate temperature. This will help prevent fading or shrinking.

*3. Use Gentle Detergents:*
- Avoid aggressive detergents or bleaches, which can affect the quality of the fabric. If you want to keep your whites sparkling, add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle.

*4. Natural Drying:*
- Avoid mechanical drying. Instead, hang the kimono in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. This will help keep the shape and prevent fading.

*5. Avoid Treading:*
- In general, kimonos do not need ironing. If you still feel the need, use the iron at a low temperature and avoid areas with embroidery or logos.

*6. Storage:*
- If you do not use it for a long time, please store the kimono in a dry and cool place. Use a protective cover to prevent dust accumulation.

*7. Replacement:*
- Even with all care, a kimono will suffer wear and tear over time. Depending on the intensity of your training, it is recommended to periodically analyze its condition and consider replacing it when it starts to show signs of deterioration.

Taking proper care of your kimono is a reflection of your respect for the art you practice. With care and attention, you will ensure a long life for your equipment and you will continue to train in the best conditions!

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