Mouthguards Care

Boxing Mouthguards Care (Single, Double, Gel, Braces) by Knockout Store

When it comes to protection in boxing or martial arts, quality is not compromised. At the Knockout Store, we understand the need for maximum protection, which is why all dentures we offer come with a storage box and detailed instructions for use and molding to the teeth.

The following tips will help you keep your dentures in top condition:

*1. Rinse After Use:*
- Rinse the prosthesis with cold water immediately after each use to remove sweat and bacteria.

*2. Daily Cleaning:*
- Use a soft brush and neutral soap for cleaning. For deeper cleaning and a fresh scent, we recommend the *Denture Cleaning Spray* available on our website. It not only cleans, but also disinfects and gives a pleasant smell.

*3. Proper Drying:*
- After cleaning, allow the prosthesis to dry completely in the open air before placing it in the storage box.

*4. Storage:*
- Use the special box included in the package to keep the prosthesis in a dry and safe place.

*5. Avoid Exposure to Extreme Heat:*
- Do not leave the prosthesis in the car or in other places exposed to direct sunlight.

*6. Periodic Replacement:*
- Even with the best care, dentures wear out. Check them regularly and consider replacing them if they show signs of wear or no longer fit perfectly.

*7. For Gel Dentures or Braces:*
- Follow the specific instructions included to make sure you care for them properly.

Remember, protection in contact sports is essential. Take the time to care for your dentures by making sure you have safe workouts. For any other accessories or care products, visit the Cleaning/Maintenance section of our website.