About us

Knockout Fighter was founded in 2008 by Goicov Paul Mario, a former performance athlete, a lover of contact sports and a promoter of a healthy lifestyle. Knockout Store is here to equip, inspire and motivate athletes, amateurs and the general public to do sports and live a healthy lifestyle. 

We are passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to sports equipment. We like competition and challenges, but most of all we like to be winners, even if we are not on the ring. That’s why we put our energy into producing innovative and qualitative equipment for Boxing and Martial Arts, dedicated to professionals and amateurs.

We collaborate with the best domestic and international athletes to develop new products and we also take into account the needs and desires of practitioners who are at the beginning of their career. 

We want to bring health and performance in the lives of people, whether it is in the ring, in the gym or in everyday life. 

The Knockout team consists of active athletes, former performance athletes or people who practice sports as a healthy way of life.

Whether you want to become a world champion, improve your fitness, maintain your tone, lose a few pounds, or gain confidence and learn self-defense, we will stay by your side through our equipment, fist with fist, game after game. 


Our vision is to contribute to people’s health and to fighters’ performance. We do this through our mission of equipping them to become champions, whether it is in the ring, in the gym or in everyday life. Our core values are: health, energy, performance, respect and perseverance. 

Company motto - “Knockout you limits every day!”. 

Goicov Paul Mario - former performance athlete, passionate about contact sports, CEO & Founder Knockout Store