Manusi Box Knockout Fire & Ice |
Manusi Box Knockout Fire & Ice |
Manusi Box Knockout Fire & Ice |
Manusi Box Knockout Fire & Ice |
Manusi Box Knockout Fire & Ice |
Manusi Box Knockout Fire & Ice |
Manusi Box Knockout Fire & Ice |
Manusi Box Knockout Fire & Ice |
Manusi Box Knockout Fire & Ice |

Knockout Fire & Ice Boxing Gloves

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Are you bored of wearing the same type of equipment, the same colors, the same gloves?

Do you want to break out of the mold and create your own style?

Good news, we have the perfect solution for you: Knockout Fire & Ice Boxing Gloves.

With a unique and spectacular design, having vibrant and vivid colors, these gloves embody two types of fighters:

The cold-blooded fighter who is calm and sure of himself, putting all his strength and precision into his blows

The volcanic fighter who is persistent and strikes furiously, attacking like an avalanche of continuous fire

The only question remains: What kind of fighter are you?

The gloves are Thai style (wider at the cuffs, thinner towards the wrist) they are made of vegan leather with a very good dense foam that ensures an excellent fit on the hand.

They have ventilation in the palm, and the wide shape in the area of ​​the punch, offers greater absorption of the shocks caused by blows.

They are ideal gloves for bag training, with a partner, or palm training.

What you actually get:
  • Made of sweat and moisture resistant vegan leather
  • Equipped with a long strap grip for perfect wrist support
  • High density IMF foam provides shock absorption and protects the fist
  • Antimicrobial treated inner lining for maximum hygiene
  • Ideal for bag training, with a partner, or handheld
  • Packed in RECYCLED plastic bags, we also take care of Nature
Recommendations for your Safety and Hygiene:
When choosing a pair of boxing gloves you need to keep the following things in mind:
  • the right size,
  • the fit on the hand and
  • if the first two things are checked, you will be protected.

These are the most important details.

Make sure they sit firmly on the hand and the fist does not move inside.

Gloves range in size from 4 - 8 oz for children, and 10 - 16 oz for adults.

Then refer to the Size Guide below. If you're still unsure, give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

After use, let the gloves air out and clean them periodically with a disinfectant solution.

We recommend that you follow the guide so that your colleagues don't run away when you take your gloves out of your bag. :D

We don't want to knock out the smell. 😅

We deliver all over Europe with DHL Express and DPD Courier.

Estimated delivery 1-4 WORKING DAYS

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